CS 203: Programming with Data Structures
Instructor: Kiri Wagstaff
Projects are due at the beginning of class (4:20 p.m.) on their due dates.
They can be submitted one day late (4:20 p.m. on the day after the due date) but will incur a 50% reduction in score. No submissions are accepted after that point.

Project 1: Forwards and Backwards

Due: October 9
In this project, you'll build a PalindromeMachine that takes in a set of characters and a maximum length and then generates all possible palindromes up to the specified length... under the requirement that each palindrome must consist of valid English words.
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Project 1 solution

Project 2: Get Me Out of the Maze!

Due: October 30
In this project, you'll try out different search methods search through trees and mazes.
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Project 3: A Rose by any Other Name

Due: November 20
How do you decide which data structure to use to store data, for a given problem? In this project, you'll experiment with different data structures in the context of a single problem and see first-hand what the strengths and weaknesses of different choices may be. You'll also get to try out different sorting methods and compare them in terms of speed and memory consumption.
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